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Chapter 1

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It was a typical night in the countryside of Transylvania. Owls hooted, crickets chirped, the wind rustled the various evergreens throughout the forest. The stars sparkled across the night sky, with not a single cloud in sight. A typical night for a huntress like myself and her brother to vanquish the creatures of the night. Richter and I were in pursuit of a demon that had fled a nearby village. The two of us were on horseback, following each and every move it made.Hooves clopped against the late spring grass of the mountains. The wind rushed against my hair, making it glide smoothly in the current. The muscular demon was quite large, no larger than 3 meters. It had two horns, which were a dark ebony. A pair of large, leathery wings allowed it to fly. Its head consisted of pointed ears, sharp teeth and black sclera. The demon also had a barbed tail. The chase started in the evening, but now the sky was as black as coal. A sea of trees covered the whole area. We were now in an evergreen forest. A loud thud was heard in the distance. “What was that?!” I exclaimed loudly, scaring the birds in the trees. “That must have been the demon. Let’s go deeper into the forest.” Richter replied.
Roots lined the ground of the forest, like intricate patterns on cloth. Dead branches cracked beneath our footsteps, and leaves crumbled with every step. Webs decorated the trees like cloth on a table. Small rats rustled the nearby bushes, looking for food. A mixture of both evergreen and deciduous trees was among the foliage. It had been no more than half an hour when we finally reached the heart of the forest. A pungent stench of rusted metal and flesh filled the air. A blue substance stained the ground. It was certainly demon’s blood. Sure enough there was a body lying lifeless on the ground. It was the demon, now dead from a crash. Several trees had collapsed on the ground where the demon was. “Don’t move.” Richter whispered. He approached the pile of wood where the demon’s lifeless body lay. He unsheathed his sword and stabbed what appeared to be the chest. Azure blood splattered across Richter’s face. His sword was dripping wet with blood. It was most certainly dead now, if it wasn’t already. “Let us go home now. It’s getting pretty late.” Richter said. “What about the demon? Are you just going to leave it there?” I asked politely. “No. I’ve got its heart. Father would certainly need it for potions or something, so I took it out.” Richter replied. The heart was large, about the size of two heads. It was just as blue as the blood that stained Richter’s face. It stunk terribly, worse than a human corpse. Richter placed the heart in a large sack, which hung on his back. The sack oozed blue. What about the blood on your face? Are you not going to clean it? And what of the sack? Look, it is dripping. “I’ll be fine, I can wipe it off at home.” Richter said. “You are very silly, Richter. It is past my bedtime, let us go home.” I yawned. We walked back to the entrance of the forest, where our horses were. The two of us rode into the night going back to our home, leaving the forest behind with every step.
A few days passed, and all seemed well. It was the usual day to day activities back at home. I would practice my magic with my father, and Richter would stop by to train me each night, when it was peaceful. The golden sun was retreating from the sky, and the moon was rising. It glistened in its fullest form. It was a full moon night. It was just about time to see my brother again. He didn’t come that night, nor the next, nor the one after that. In fact, no one had seen him at all. It has been one whole year since this all occurred, and I still haven’t found him. Will I ever find him, or will he be lost to the darkness?